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About us

We are a guild called Without Warning that you can find on the realm kazzak EU. Currently we consist of swedish and norwegian players. As we concentrate on progressing in a calm and patient way.

Our guild was founded right after the most of us came back to wow after a break. Currently we are stronger than ever and have a core of dedicated members. Our guild has developed into a tight knit group of likeminded players, that are looking to improve the guild in new ways to take us to the next level. One of our keys to success is building a fun, friendly community that people enjoy playing with.

We need (Mage, Warlock, Warrior, balance, Shadow Priest and retri pala :)
We raid Progress raid on Tursday and monday. Casual raid on Sunday. we startat 8 PM and Raid time is over 2300. Invites start at 7:45.

Officers = Huntraxe, Emphi, Girlshock, Enjip, Healqvist & Castielle#LazyGen21888

Have a nice day.


The emerald nightmare Normal
The emerald nightmare Heroic


How do i get an account?

As blizzard has stated, dont share your e-mail with anyone. Not even us.

  1. Join the guild.
  2. Find an officer.
  3. Get the one time key.
  4. Register your user.

Raid Normal

Sunday: 20:00

Raid Heroic

Tursday: 20:00
Monday: 20:00


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